Top Blogs About Filmmaking

The film industry is arguably among the biggest industries in the world. It touches on every aspect of what it means to be human. Fans can read updated articles about the industry here.

Premium Beat–

Premium Beats provide royalty-free music and gives creative professionals the polished feel of high-budget production houses. They provide exclusive and high-quality sound effects for any traditional media project, especially filmmaking.

Phillip Bloom –

Phillip Bloom is an award-winning filmmaker sharing his knowledge about the film industry. He is a British director and filmmaker known for creating movies with DSLR Cameras. The blog also provides workshops and information on filming.

Moviemaker Magazine –

MovieMaker Magazine is a leading resource in the business of filmmaking and movies. They stand as the world’s most widely read independent film magazine and the bestselling independent movie magazine. They empower filmmakers. Moviemaker magazine can be found both online and in print. –

This is a community of filmmakers from around the world working in all areas of the industry. Finding tips and helping filmmakers is an important blog to visit when interested in working in the film industry. They provide a collection of videos, expert blogs, forums, and articles on various film subjects. insider –

Tactical articles for post-production professionals. The mission of this blog is to create tactical and actionable articles which can teach valuable skills to filmmakers in the making.

They highlight all the important factors of the amazing work being done every day in the film industry. They believe in diving into the messy details about how the filmmaking industry works.

By following this blog, fans and workers in the film industry can learn about all the latest trends and news surrounding the film industry and the various stages involved in filmmaking, funding, and organizational support.