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Films provide the largest form of entertainment in the world and influence almost all aspects of life.

The Filmmaking Process

Filmmaking is the process of how films are made and possesses complex and important stages resulting in the final product. Filmmaking includes various stages, including initial story ideas.

The starting stages of filmmaking include screenwriting, casting, shooting, pre-production, sound recording, editing, and more. Films are produced worldwide, with many being oriented to locals in specific countries, and some movies are made for an international audience.

Filmmaking has been involved in its years from using film and now using digital means for filming. The term filmmaking now refers to the process and stages of creating audiovisual stories for distribution.

Fundraising for Film Production

Producing films require large budgets to pay for the hundreds of different employees needed to finish a film. Funds can be drawn in from many different means, including by investors and organizations set up to support the film industry and its production costs.

Film funds are usually raised with the support of investors, or the production companies themselves. In some cases, producers fund their films. This is especially true in indie and lower-budget films.

Fundraising takes time and effort but is essential to getting films and movies produced and getting quality production teams involved with the projects.

Organizational Support

For production companies and producers to produce quality films, many organizations have been set up specially to help with the funding process of feature and indie films.

Organizations supporting the film industry and its funding use many different means of assisting in the production stages.