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RIFC does its best to distribute appropriate local news in a timely manner.

Please Note:

We may decline to distribute a message if it is not:

    • locally relevant
    • relevant to the film community
    • appropriate


We make all determinations to the best of our ability, and will let you know if something doesn't seem to fit. Sometimes, we have to make judgement calls about what to send out when, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

There is a queue of announcements, so your notice may take some time to get out - please give us as much advance warning as possible. If an announcement is no longer relevant, we may not send it out.


To get your message out, send an email to info@rifcfilms.com - you'll get a confirmation with a couple of days. Please include the following info:

Contact Email:

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If this is a casting announcement, is the film SAG?

If this is a call for work (acting or crew or other special services), is it paid or unpaid?