RIFC - Rhode Island Film Collaborative - Independent Films and Filmmakers in RI

Filmaking Through Community


In 2006 the RIFC was created as a merger of the Rhode Island Film Alliance and the Providence Film Collaborative. The two organizations were created by Mark Fogarty (RIFA) and Broto Chakrabarti (PFC) and they as well as others helped merge the two organizations to create a stronger and even more supportive organization.

The PFC was focused on production, getting groups together to work on films over the weekend, and organizing projects like RI's 48 Hour Film Project, while the RIFA was focused on communications between area filmmakers, and centered on the legendary "Second Tuesday" meetings each month at the Wild Colonial, which have now happened every month without exception since the Summer of 2005.

Both groups, and the combined RIFC, happened organically, and are the product of passionate volunteers pouring time and energy into the grassroots organization, which became a true outgrowth of the interests and activities of its members. The group persisted without funding or a business plan, and many early initiatives were the result of somebody at a meeting saying, "hey, we should do this." In fact, this is still how a lot of things at RIFC get started.

The group was incorporated in 2009 and received its 501(c)3 status in 2010. The first official executive director started in late 2010, around the same time we found our first official home in the Pawtucket Armory.

Stay tuned for more history, because we're really just getting started!